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September 21, 2020 10:58
How to Wear Makeup with a Facemask?

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Face masks have changed the way beauty enthusiasts do their makeup routine. With masks becoming the new normal, learn how to nail the make-up while your face mask is on.

Not just work-from-home, face masks are also becoming the new normal and if you can’t just survive without even minimal makeup, you must learn this new makeup game.

Since face masks cover most of the face, though there’s less scope for makeup, you can still concentrate to highlight the parts like eyes, lashes and brows.

Here are the best tips to look flawless in a face mask along with little makeup:

Focus more time on basic skin care routine:

Basic skin care

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These days, we tend to wear face masks for long considering the coronavirus pandemic. But, there’s a downside to it. Face coverings tend to clog the pores of your skin leading to acne, dryness.

Moreover, if the sun’s shining out, your face often becomes tanned in your forehead area, leaving uneven coloring of the facial skin.

For all these reasons, skin care becomes more important than ever. Make sure to follow a skin care routine that includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing and most importantly use SPF every day.

Groom your eyebrows:

Groom eyebrows

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The most-focussed part of your face with your face mask in place becomes the eyebrow part. To get the defined look on your face, groom your eyebrows by brushing them and setting them with a brow gel.

If you have thin or light brows you can fill them up using the color closest to your hair color.

Foundation is important:

Foundation is important

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Stay away from full-coverage foundation as your face tends to sweat out in areas of your face mask. Your foundation tends to break out and you definitely don’t want that.

As an alternative, you can use light to medium coverage foundations to avoid them to get inside of the mask.

Set your make-up:

To avoid sweating of your face, make sure you set your face using a face powder or compact powder after you apply your foundation. This lets the makeup be intact and doesn’t let the breakage to happen.

Lip Care is must:

Face masks and lipsticks is a bad combination. Lip sticks can leave the stain marks on the face mask and also smudges the lip color easily.

The two don’t go well together but there are ways to paint your lips even now.

You can apply petroleum jelly for extra hydration and then layer your lips with a lip pencil.

Make sure to blot your lips well before you wear your face mask.

- By Gayatri Yellayi

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