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  • Yoga, Yoga, yoga the utmost solution to age gracefully, Memory loss

    Yoga the utmost solution to age gracefully! 2016-06-20 12:55:14

    Yoga has been believed to be a life-extending practice, it won't give you immortality, however, this ancient practice can definitely help you fight age, physical as well as mental too, say health and wellness experts.   Yoga is a practice...

    Keywords: health and Yoga, Yoga India, Yoga India, Yoga

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    farmers demands in Delhi, farmers demands in Delhi, farmers protesting in delhi desire to see promises being applied, Memory loss

    Farmers Protesting in Delhi Desire to See Promises Being Applied 2018-12-01 07:16:32

    The farmers protest in New Delhi is turning out be full of vexation as several participants say they will believe the promises made by political leaders at the protest once they see a change on the ground. Around 35,000 farmers,...

    Keywords: farmers protesting in Delhi, farm, farmers demands in Delhi, New Delhi

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    benefits, benefits, 7 astounding benefits of solving a jigsaw puzzle, Memory loss

    7 Astounding Benefits Of Solving A Jigsaw Puzzle 2020-01-29 08:43:43

    We have all solved jigsaw puzzles, haven’t we? While some love doing them, some have a love hate relationship with them. On the day of World’s Puzzle Day, we thought of sharing some of the undercover benefits of solving a...

    Keywords: benefits, jigsaw puzzle, benefits, world puzzle day

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    rugby, punch drunk syndrome, repeat blows to head linked to brain disease in former rugby players, Memory loss

    Repeat Blows to Head Linked to Brain Disease in Former Rugby Players 2019-06-27 09:13:13

    The post-mortem examinations have found a chronic brain disease linked to repeated blows to the head in two elite Australian rugby league players, the first cases found in the sport, researchers said Thursday. The researchers said the players both had...

    Keywords: punch drunk syndrome, rugby, brain disease in rugby players, brain disease in rugby players

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    Coronavirus breaking news, Coronavirus symptoms, coronavirus can cause long term loss of brain tissue, Memory loss

    Coronavirus Can Cause Long-Term Loss of Brain Tissue 2021-06-18 10:19:35

    The impact of coronavirus is here to stay and there are several post-Covid complications reported in several people. Several studies are conducted which revealed shocking facts and there are several new mutants reported in various countries. A new study said...

    Keywords: Coronavirus brain news, Coronavirus impact, Coronavirus impact on brain, Coronavirus memory loss

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    protein essential for building memories, mental activity, brain use it or lose it, Memory loss

    Brain: Use it or lose it 2016-08-04 12:12:18

    A new research suggests that a lifetime of mental activity can be beneficial for you when it comes to fight with Alzheimer disease. The researchers at the Iowa State University identified a protein essential for building memories which appears to...

    Keywords: Brain: Use it or lose it, protein essential for building memories, Iowa State University, Iowa State University

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